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It says more than 18 million new items were posted for sale to Marketplace in the US alone in May, with the most popular categories currently: furniture, babies and kids, and women’s clothing.It also claims May saw a 77% rise in the number of unique conversations between a potential buyer and seller.

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The new magazine will explore a wide array of ciders, wines, beers and spirits, highlighting the best through news and features.Nike’s chief executive, Mark Parker, said: “We’re looking for ways to improve the Nike consumer experience on Amazon by elevating the way the brand is presented and increasing the quality of product storytelling.” READ MORE: Nike to launch pilot program with Amazon; results top estimates Garnier pledges to #Commit To Care with the launch of a new three-year partnership with Unicef.The worldwide tie-up will help 300,000 children living in danger to play, learn and receive basic healthcare in designated safe spaces.And according to Facebook, a whopping 550 million of its users visit its buy-and-sell groups monthly.

If these numbers continue to grow, don’t expect Marketplace to be Facebook’s last ecommerce experiment. After finding that 80% of countries don’t have laws against animal testing within the cosmetics industry, The Body Shop has teamed up with pet influencers to raise awareness in a campaign that will run until 2020.Falling demand in the UK is widely attributed to consumer fears about the health of the economy in the wake of the Brexit vote and uncertainty about Britain leaving the EU.