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15-Oct-2017 16:29

That said, there is something appealing about being closer to my granddaughter and my own adult children. Want to save money on your living expenses so that you can explore the world?

I’ve always resisted the idea of moving in with my adult kids in retirement because I know how difficult it can be to have everyone under the same roof. When I raised the topic of granny pods with the community before, several women said that they felt like grandmas were being pushed to the side. Granny pods are one of the cheapest options out there.

To these women, the idea of “putting grandma in a shed in the garden” sounded uncomfortable, at best, and downright disrespectful at worst. Many women would prefer to stay in their own house or apartment, even if they live far away from their kids and grandkids. Just for fun, I wanted to share a few more of the amazing designs that are popping up for small houses and granny pods. They offer plans to help you design your own custom trailer or small house.

However, I can also see a large group of women for whom the idea of living in a granny pod would be appealing. Another company that offers a similar service is Sprout Tiny Homes. Or, do you think that it is a viable option for many women?

This is exactly why granny pods are interesting for so many women our age.

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That said, in my opinion, I can see the usefulness of granny pods going way beyond this scenario.

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