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22-Dec-2017 13:52

In the office – our ‘ village family’ – most of us mirror each other for comfort and ease.We like things how we like them, and we have ways of heading off potential challenge that we may have perfected in our family of origin or in the schoolyard. But if you want to have this stop happening, and you want to avoid having women suddenly act superior, rude, and aloof where they'd formerly been warm, friendly, and flirty, you need to know a little about what brings this on, what you can do to avoid it, and how to deal with it when it shows up.

Jemma Casey's daughter Morgan was sent a string of indecent messages on the app Roblox from men trying to lure her to their homes.Survival usually means staying safe, and most village members align with, rather than trying to speak out against, the perpetrator of something insidious, complex, and confusing.

Users could see every person who had visited their profile and receive notifications for every like and message.… continue reading »

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