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But behind Condoleezza Rice’s carefully controlled exterior is a vibrant character with a personal flair the State Department hasn’t seen in decades.

As David Samuels relays in his June 2007 profile “Grand Illusions”: Rice works out regularly with a trainer, has dated NFL All-Pro receivers Rick Upchurch and Gene Washington, is a talented classical pianist, and wears sophisticated clothes that show off her long, athletic legs, facts that may seem trivial, but actually provide valuable clues to an underlying truth about the secretary of state: She is an extreme personality.

Each time it got canceled, I got to interview another one of her aides in depth, as a consolation prize.

So we’re talking about a process from start to finish that took about a year.

I tend to concentrate on the little details of how the Secretary of State uses her hands when she speaks to reporters, or the way the flags are set up, or the way the photographers charge into a room to get the one iconic shot of three politicians holding hands, because those are the things that I actually see in front of me, and that you would see if you were in my shoes.Then I convinced them that I was going to show up in Jerusalem in February, at which point they decided it would be a good idea to be nice to me.Once I had spent all that time with Rice, I think it seemed silly not to give me a second interview so I could update my quotes from the first interview. Before that happened, I think I traveled back and forth to Washington five times, because the interview kept getting canceled.“Not that long ago,” she tells Samuel,” say 1944, or maybe even 1946, would anybody have said that France and Germany would never go to war again? ” More often than World War II, Rice cites the Cold War when defending her political views. R.—she oversaw Soviet and East European Affairs for the National Security Council.

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From 1989 to 1991—the pivotal period between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the U. Later, when she returned to her teaching post at Stanford University, she remained a sought-after expert on Europe’s newly emerging democracies.Your article offers an unusual meta-perspective on the relationship between the politicians and the press.