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Besides the American market, the one-hour long interview has been broadcasted on the popular Radio Station “Pyramid One radio” in Australia.During the conversation, Osmanagich introduced to the audience the updates about the project, in particular on energy recordings and healing effects of the pyramids on the self-healing and spiritual growth process.At no point in my time in Bosnia did I ever feel unsafe.In fact, I also had some of the best, swiftest emergency medical care when I had a minor emergency in Mostar (plus the paramedics were gorgeous, as are virtually all Bosnians). When I say it will change you, I mean it at the core and cellular level.The discussion was as well about the potential pyramids in the Antarctica, Bahamas, Cahokia and China.

And for all of my Mary Sisters, well, Medjugorje is a magical and very powerful feminine place.Every day I spent in Bosnia during those weeks was filled with awe, beauty, and mysticism. Our time within the Ravne Tunnels with Dr Sam were some of the most powerful mystical and supernatural moments of my adventurous life. They made me stronger, gave me more faith, more resolve, to stay on the path of discoery and truth.Filip had been on that path for years because of Bosnia.Chris and Sheree Geo, the Radio Presenters of the popular Californian Radio Show “Truth Frequency Radio: Beyond the Veil”, got a one-hour interview with Osmanagich on Friday, January 13, 2017.

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They were impressed with the new facts from the world of pyramids.

To know and understand what is happening in Bosnia, you have to be there.

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