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2, including providing medical assistance to victims, evacuating victims, securing schools and other nearby sites, searching for and stopping the shooters.

"In the midst of our nation's worst terrorist attack since 9/11, in a situation when most people would run or take cover, our peace officers and other first responders kept their sworn obligations to save the lives of innocent victims and act courageously, honorably and without hesitation," Harris said.

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To hear the gun battle was really strange because in a situation like that all your training kicks in and you just advance forward." "It's a great honor to be recognized but in the end it's just our job and it's our training that pushes us in that direction," Cruz added, a feeling shared by many other officers.

So my basic 2 questions are: What do you send a JOIN in response to, and where can I find what the IRC codes above correspond to? While it's a painful solution, you could always hook up MIRC (or whatever people use these days) to use Fiddler's proxy and you can see all of the traffic it req/acks from signing on to joining a room.. EDIT I looked up my old C code for IRC so I could be a bit more helpful.