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17-Aug-2017 01:20

I noticed he hadn't deleted it before but he brushed it off saying he didn't know how and he never looks at it. I was so suprised,i really thought he had considered me as his girlfriend after all the things he said,and I was saving up for a plane ticket to visit him.

I felt betrayed and I thought there and then,just end it he's not interested,but i liked him so much I couldnt bear to let him go and lose him from my life. He often looked bored on cam,but when he checked on something online,i dont know if it was messages from other girls or what,but his face would become interested.

Then 2 days before i was due to fly,someone sends me a message on fb with pictures of him on trueswingers website.

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] I hid my profile when we decided to be exclusive. I suspected he was doing something else while chatting to me as he was preoccupied,and yes he was on badoo all night sometimes while chatting to me,and checking tagged several times a day.

I joked and asked him if he was tring to find another girlfriend-"he laughed and said no way babe". He said you are all I want, I promise I was just looking on there for her. I confronted him and he cried, I cried, and begged me to forgive him and it was all so innocent. A GUY THAT TRULY LOVES YOU WOULD NEVER EVER MAKE U FEEL INSECURE, NEVER SET UP A PROFILE LIKE THAT. boy did i ever lol DO NOT TRUST EM OR FORGIVE 'EM PLEASE! Here's my story, I met a really nice and good looking guy via an art site.

He said he had a day where he was freaked out by our relationship and updated his profiles but had never replied, or sent and emails to anyone. I liked his photo's that he had taken of various subjects and sent him a message,we live in different countries.

She didn’t believe him, and went looking for evidence to confirm her suspicions (Maybe your issues come from past relationships when you were cheated on. The reasons for why you have trust issues The bottom line?

Maybe you are insecure and no one has ever done anything to make you that way. I think having an active dating profile is rarely the big issue – it’s just evidence of something deeper.

I have been so heartbroken over the last two weeks.