Non commercial sex chatrooms

21-Nov-2017 10:38

Recall this Rule of the Earth: “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.” But this simple protocol has been ignored by those who participate in chat rooms.

The behavior therein is completely contradictory to the practices of the Church of Satan.

If they attempt to flaunt their titles as convincers, they are abusing that title.

If any individual wants elucidation on the philosophy of the Church of Satan, they are encouraged to read this website, to purchase the books listed on the Source Sheet page, and, in cases where they really can’t find an answer to a question, to email our official online representative, Magistra Peggy Nadramia.

The Church of Satan DOES NOT have an official chat room. There are no chat rooms affiliated in ANY WAY with the Church of Satan.

The Church of Satan actively discourages participation in ANY chat room.

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This pertained to any and all members, and was not a “special mandate” that in any way singled out a room as being “officially endorsed.” This statement was willfully distorted by some members.

That’s where you’ll find the vital existence of Satanism.

One more time, as briefly as is possible: Do not complain to us about your dissatisfaction with your chat room experiences.

Any titles or positions held by these members are considered invalid by the Church of Satan in chat room situations.

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Our titled members do not speak for the Church of Satan in chat rooms.

Undeserved rudeness and unwarranted contentiousness were anathema to him.