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To the players, it was a pleasure to meet faithful supporters from as distant as 1952.It surprised them to learn that one of the three was manager of the famed 1950 team.Hale Bradt, was featured in Princeton Alumni Weekly. Three 1952 classmates joined with a large crown of Princetonians watching the best team in years.You can read the article here: and see a photo of October 29The score was 52-17. Lefty Thomas, George Gowen and Roger Mc Lean saw an extraordinary game.Frederic Alling, September 23Banks Anderson, September 8Gerry Andlinger, January 26Ray Baldwin, June 5Jack Blessing, September 9Gil Bogley.September 7Joe Bolster's son Michael, September 15Hale Bradt, September 6Put Brodsky, May 11, September 7Warren Bruce, September 8David Butler, September 9Charles Carpenter, September 7William Dunn, October 2Chris Eisgruber, June 1Executive Committee to Put Brodsky, June 1Robert Finken, September 22Margo Fish, September 14John Geyman, February 13, September 8Diz Gillespie, September 12Howard Hallengren, March 28Doug Hardy, September 18Porter Hopkins, February 10Darby Houston, October 30Bob Jiranek, March 3John Lowry, October 10Phil May, September 5Roger Mc Lean, May 5, August 20, September 20, October 2, October 29Paul Mueller, February 4, May 14Skip Nalen, June 19Malcolm Powell, September 7David Smith, September 8John Sprague.Glenn Austin Products: Solvents, plasticizers, surfactants, glycols, polyethylene glycols, chelates, acrylates, metalworking fluids, water treatment chemicals, process oils, freeze conditioning agents, phosphates, chlor-alkali, acids and reagents Services: Solvent purification and recovery, blending, packaging, transport, lab services, safety and environmental consulting, rail services Assets: Five warehouses, 25 trucks, 40 trailers, 1.5m gal bulk storage 91 THE CHEMICAL COMPANY2010 Sales: m Jamestown, Rhode Island, USCEO: Nick Roach Products: Plastics additives, agricultural chemicals, intermediates, specialty chemicals, alcohols, acids, esters, plasticizers, emission/pollution control chemicals and bio-chemicals Services: Logistics, blending, packaging, procurement services, storage, JIT inventory management, consignment, transloading Assets: Eight storage facilities, railcars 92 CHARKIT CHEMICAL2010 Sales: m Norwalk, Connecticut, USPresident: Charles Hinnant Products: Benzyl alcohol, benzyl chloride, hydrazine hydrate, hydroquinone, personal care ingredients, electronic chemicals, water and metal treatment chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, imaging chemicals, flavors and fragrances Services: Blending, packaging, storage Assets: 15 warehouses 93 MOELLER CHEMIE2010 Sales: €53.0M (.2M)Steinfurt, Germany Managing director: Rainer Berghaus Products: Benzyl alcohol, alcohols, methyl ethyl ketoxime, propylene carbonate, nonylphenol, triethylamine, paints and coatings materials, special solvents, plasticizers, inorganic and organic acids, alkalis and liquid specialties Services: Storage, blending, technical advice, analytics, product development, tank monitoring, production of customized formulas, contract filling, single sourcing, support for waste disposal Assets: Warehouses, tank storage, 11 trucks with over 7.5 tonnes, laboratory 94 COYNE CHEMICAL2010 Sales: m Croydon, Pennsylvania, USPresident and CEO: Thomas Coyne Products: Chlor-alkali, solvents, phosphates, water treatment chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, metal treatment chemicals, surfactants, acids, paint and coating chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, food, flavors and fragrance ingredients Services: Bulk, mini-bulk, less-than-truckload (LTL) packaging; blending, contract services, rail terminal transload services Assets: Four warehouses, four contracted storage facilities, 27 trucks, more than 30 trailers, more than 15 tank trailers 95 K-SOLV2010 Sales: MChannelview, Texas, USPresident: Russell Allen Products: Alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, amines, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, chlorinated solvents, diesel fuel and diesel blends, gasoline and gas blends, glycols, glycol ethers, ketones and styrene monomer Services: Chemical blending, renewable fuels blending, bulk storage, packaging, lab testing Assets: Terminal and warehouse drumming and toting facility, 20 tractors and trailers, lab facility, vapor combustion control system, barge terminal and dock 96 LINTECH INTERNATIONAL2010 Sales: m Macon, Georgia, USPresident: Dennis Gilespie Products: Adhesives and sealants raw materials, advanced composite resins, additives for paints and coatings, plastic, rubber and metalworking, crosslinkers, personal care ingredients, resins, fillers, colorants, printing ink materials, dyes, rubber adhesion promoters, lubricants, industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaner ingredients, building product chemicals and textile auxiliary chemicals Services: Contract packaging, vendor-managed inventory Assets: 10 warehouses 97 ZEUS QUIMICA2010 Sales: €47.3M (.7M)Barcelona, Spain and Porto, Portugal President (financial and administration) Nuria Mercado; CEO (business) Ramon Vinas; general manager, Portugal: Americo Ribeiro Products: Pigments, resins, coatings additives, plastics additives, polymers, cosmetics ingredients, food ingredients, chemical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients Services: Sourcing, marketing and sales development, local storage, vendor inventory management Assets: Offices in Barcelona and Porto; outsourced warehouses and transportation 98 TCR INDUSTRIES2010 Sales: m La Palma, California, USPresident and chief operating officer: Sam Rumfola Products: Resins, pigments and additives Services: Warehousing, storage Assets: Seven warehouses 99 ILARIO ORMEZZANO2010 Sales: €46M (M)Gaglianico, Italy Group director: Giancarlo Ormezzano Products: Acetone, isopropanol (IPA), etac, methylene chloride, toluene, methanol, acetic acid, formic acid, caustic soda, monoethylene gylcol (MEG), diethylene glycol (DEG), adipic acid, citric acid and ethanolamines Services: Blending, packaging, storage, drumming Assets: Two warehouses, two offices, six trucks 100 WALSH & ASSOCIATES2010 Sales: .4m St.Louis, Missouri, USPresident and CEO: Ellen Murphy Products: Food additives, ink materials, paints and coatings materials, personal care ­ingredients, plastic additives, rubber chemicals, sealants and surfactants BUBBLING UNDERBigger is not always better in chemical distribution.

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Grierson Products: Aromatics, aliphatics, glycols, glycol ethers, alcohols, ketones, heat treating salts and quench oils, stamping and cutting oils Services: Blending, packaging, storage Assets: Two warehouses, 20 trucks 158 BOEHLE CHEMICALS2010 Sales: .5m Sterling Heights, Michigan, USPresident and CEO: Tedd Strobehn Products: Acrylic resins, color dispersions, defoamers, epoxy curing agents, epoxy resins, fatty chemicals, lubricant additives, paint additives, pigments, preservatives, surfactants, thickeners, urethane resins, waxes and zinc oxide Services: Storage, packaging Assets: three warehouse locations 159 P. Louis, Missouri, USCEO: Robert Schwent Products: Solvents and ethanol Services: Custom blending, packaging, storage, transloading Assets: One warehouse, six trucks, 24 trailers, rail spur, 1m gal storage 125 WEBB CHEMICAL SERVICE2010 Sales: .7m Muskegon Heights, Michigan, USCEO: Brad Hilleary Products: Alcohols, chlor-alkalis, ketones, acids, aromatics/aliphatics, surfactants and dairy chemicals Services: Inventory management, contract packaging Assets: 120,000 gal bulk storage, 80,000 square feet warehouse space, truck fleet 126 TRANSCHEMICAL2010 Sales: .5m St.Louis, Missouri, USPresident: Daniel Croghan Products: Alcohols, aliphatics, amines, aromatics, butanediol (BDO) and derivatives, chlorinated solvents, caustic soda and potash, esters, glycol ethers, glycols, ketones, phosphates, process and ink oils, surfactants and vegetable oils Services: Blending, packaging, storage, transportation, rail access Assets: Fleet of trucks and tankers 127 MATTESON-RIDOLFI2010 Sales: m Riverview, Michigan, USPresident: Scot Westerbeek Products: Paint, coatings and ink raw materials; adhesive and sealant ingredients; plastic and composite chemicals; lubricant and metalworking additives; pharmaceutical and personal care ingredients; cleaning chemicals; polyurethane chemicals; resins; color pigments; filler pigments; functional pigments and additives Assets: Five public warehouse locations 128 FERGUSON CHEMICAL INNOVATION2010 Sales: MBrampton, Ontario, Canada President and CEO: David Jackson Products: Adhesive and sealant additives, construction chemicals, cosmetics and personal care ingredients, graphic arts materials, paint and coatings materials, plastics and elastomers, rubber polymers and chemicals Services: blending, packaging, storage Assets: Three warehouses 129 CHEM ONE2010 Sales: .6m Houston, Texas, USPresident and CEO: Terry Podlogar Products: Feed additives, fertilizer ingredients, water treatment chemicals, food additives and industrial chemicals Services: Just-in-time inventory, delivery in pallet quantities and full truckloads Assets: Warehouse in Houston, Texas; independent contract facilities in Laredo, Texas and Tampa, Florida 130 D. BECKER2010 Sales: .1m Clinton, New Jersey, USPresident and CEO: Daniel Canavan Products: Specialty chemicals, resins, emulsions, additives, biocides, fungicides, pigments, color dispersions, waxes, molecular sieve powders, catalysts and fillers Services: Blending, repackaging, storage Assets: Six warehouses on US East coast 131 MILES CHEMICAL2010 Sales: .7MArleta, California, USPresident: Anthony Miles Products: Primary processing chemicals, cosmetics/personal care chemicals, food and beverage ingredients, pulp and paper chemicals, glass and refractory materials, paints and coatings, soap and detergent chemicals, metalworking chemicals, electronic chemicals, agricultural chemicals and water treatment chemicals Services: Manufacturing, blending, contract packaging, solvent reclamation, technical training, safety training, hazardous waste removal, customer product research Assets: 78,000 square feet of warehouse space, 30,000 gal bulk storage capacity, 15 trucks, 10 trailers, eight vans, four tankers, four Bobtail trucks 132 NATIONAL CHEMICAL2010 sales: €26.4M (M)Dublin, Ireland President and CEO: Alan Looney Products: Chemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical, medical, food and industrial sectors Services: Marketing 133 GB-CHEMIE2010 Sales: €26.3M (.8M) Messe, Germany Presidents: Horst Ludwig, Juergen Martin Services: Storage, packaging 134 MY-CHEM2010 sales €24M (.7M)Buchholz/Hamburg, Germany CEO Ralf Meinecke Products: Phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, pentaerythritol, di-pentaerythritol, paraformaldehyde, styrene, tall oil products and other resin raw materials Services: Transport, storage, IT integration Assets: One warehouse 135 BUCKLEY OIL 2010 Sales: .3MDallas, Texas, USPresident: R. Dodson Products: Alcohols, aliphatics, aromatics, chlorinated solvents, glycols, ketones, VOC-exempt solvents, base oils and lubricants Services: Blending, packaging, storage, transportation Assets: Three distribution facilities, 14 trucks 136 SAMECA, PRODUTOS QUIMICOS2010 Sales: €23.5M (.1M)Oporto, Portugal CEO: Eduardo Moura e Sa Products: Native starches and derivatives, food additives including vitamins, sweeteners and process aids, phosphates, coating chemicals, including resins, pigments, fillers, additives and thickeners; filtrations aids, including diatomites and other minerals; detergents/personal care raw materials, including surfactants and colorants; inorganic chemicals such as acids and salts; textile and paper chemicals; additives and raw materials for PU foam, PVC, masterbatch formulations and rubber Services: Repackaging/drumming of bulk chemicals Assets: Warehouses totaling 4,500 square meters in three locations in Portugal, six trucks, two vans, two offices in Oporto and Lisbon, Portugal 137 INDEPENDENT CHEMICAL2010 Sales: .6m Glendale, New York, USPresident: Jonathan Spielman Products: Personal care ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, nutritional additives, food additives, fine chemicals, industrial cleaning and industrial chemicals Services: Storage, packing, blending, custom particle sizing, product development and technical and regulatory assistance Assets: 60,000 square foot warehouse, three tankers, five van trailers, one straight truck 138 MIN-CHEM/LAWRASON'S GROUP2010 Sales: .02MOakville, Ontario, Canada President: David Luciani Products: Composite-thermosets, composite-thermoplastics, rubber additives, adhesives, waxes, flame retardants, pharmaceutical ingredients, mineral and industrial acids, water treatment chemicals, pool and spa chemicals, janitorial and sanitation chemicals and industrial specialty chemicals Services: Manufacturing, logistics Assets: Three warehouses in Ontario, Quebec 139 SLACK CHEMICAL2010 Sales: m Carthage, New York, USPresident: Robert Sturtz Products: Acids, aqua ammonia, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, polymers, hydrogen peroxide, magnesium hydroxide, salt, polyaluminum chloride, solvents, talc, soda ash, diatomaceous earth, paper chemicals and potable wastewater chemicals Services: Blending, liquid/dry packaging, customer pump-outs, customer design and of make-down units for polymer application, warehousing Assets: Three warehouses in Carthage, Castorland and Saratoga Springs, New York comprising 350,000 square feet, bulk liquid storage totaling 420,000 gal 140 NORTEX2010 sales MMoscow, Russia President and CEO: Vladimir Yakushin Products: Isocyanates, polyols, polyacrylates, synthetic rubber, antioxydants, phenolic resins, plasticizers, catalysts, alkylphenols, mineral fillers, flame retardants, additives, natural oils, natural and synthetic acids, blowing agents, molecular sieves and basic chemicals Services: Handling liquids and solids, packaging, storage, technical consulting, providing samples Assets: Two offices, three warehouses, two trucks 141 COMET CHEMICAL2010 Sales: .92MInnisfil, Ontario, Canada President: James Stewart Products: Solvents, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, glycols, glycol ethers, glycol ether acetates, ester acetates, amines, alcohols, ketones, VOC alternatives, caustic soda and acids Services: Blending, packaging, storage, drum and tote services, environmental services Assets: 40,000 square foot warehouse with laboratory, six stainless compartment tankers, three tractors and van trailers, rail siding, 50 bulk storage tanks 142 RAM CHARAN2010 Sales: .9MChennai City, Tamil Nadu, India Partner: Kaushik Palicha Products: Rubber, rubber additives, plastic additives, pigments, construction chemicals and adhesives Services: Storage, packaging, dry dock sales, micronizing, testing, formulary support Assets: Nine warehouses in India, 18 trucks, four licensed commercial vehicles, one temperature-controlled storage facility 143 CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTORS INC.2010 Sales: .2m Buffalo, New York, USCEO: Mark Russell Products: Acids, alkalis, commodity and proprietary chemicals, solvents, dry chemicals, reagent chemicals, food and pharmaceutical ingredients Services: Dry and liquid blending, packaging, laboratory testing, warehousing, process equipment sales Assets: 82,000 square feet of warehouse space, nine trucks, 20 tankers and trailers 144 GJ CHEMICAL2010 Sales: .5MSomerset, New Jersey, USPresident: Diana Colonna Products: Acids and anhydrides, alchols, aliphatic solvents, amines, aromatic solvents, automotive chemicals, chlorinated solvents, epoxy resins, glycols, heat transfer fluids, monomers, ketones, plasticizers and specialties Services: Testing, bulk storage, repackaging, liquid bulk handling, custom blending, purifying, and stabilizing Assets: Three locations in central New Jersey, US, 500 stainless steel totes, 50 bulk storage tanks, full analytical laboratory, USP/NF white room 145 GULF COAST CHEMICAL2010146 Sales: .8m Abbeville, Louisiana, USPresident and CEO: Jim Fusilier Products: Glycols, methanol, ethanolamies, coolants, lubricants, production chemicals, heat transfer fluids, solvents and specialty drilling products Services: Blending, field cleaning of glycol dehydrators, packaging, lab services, pump repair Assets: Six warehouses, one dockside methanol terminal, 21 delivery trucks, 90,000 square feet of warehouse space, 450,000 gal bulk storage 146 INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS CORP.2010 Sales: m Arvada, Colorado, USPresident: Robert Wilson Products: Acetates, acids, aliphatic and aromatic solvents, alcohols, biofuel chemicals, chelating agents, chlor-alkali, detergent chemicals, glycols and glycol ethers, heat transfer fluids, hydrogen peroxide, metal finishing chemicals, oilfield chemicals, organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, surfactants and water treatment chemicals Services: Contract blending, warehousing Assets: Three Warehouses, 22 tankers, 12 tractors, five vans, 700,000 gal bulk storage 147 COLUMBUS CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES2010 Sales: .3MColumbus, Wisconsin, USCEO: Richard Sheard Products: High-purity acids, bases, specialty solutions and blends for the semiconductor, medical device and analytical laboratory industries Services: Processing, purification, private labeling and packaging Assets: Facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona in the US, and in Singapore 148 E. KAUFMANN2010 Sales: .11m Bristol, Pennsylvania, USPresident: J.September 7Toby Strachan, October 4Richard Talbott, September 6Dom Telesco, September 27Ed Tiryakian, September 6Josef Valle, Class of 2019, August 25John Weber, September 7Matt Werth, September 12Princeton Class Affairs Notified us: When Hale Bradt 52 began reading his late fathers letters from World War II, the words "just grabbed me, viscerally, he says.

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After decades of research, including trips to the Pacific islands where his father served, Bradt wrote about how the war reshaped his family.They saw a talented, disciplined and well coordinated Princeton team kick butt.