Seven bible truth violated by christian dating

01-Dec-2017 21:45

Even the simplest single-celled life is stupendously complex.

A humble bacterium is full of incredibly sophisticated nano-machines that it needs to live.

Now what sort of cause is sufficient to explain the origin of life?

The cause must be incredibly intelligent—far beyond our intelligence. This reminds me of another characteristic of the God whom the Bible reveals: He is omniscient (all knowing). We know sufficient about the Creator from His creation to be “without excuse”.

The principle is not, ‘Everything has a cause’; Bertrand Russell misstated it.

No, the principle is, ‘Everything has a sufficient cause’.

’) is like asking, ‘To whom is the bachelor married? The Bible matches reality, which is not surprising when we consider that it claims to be from the Creator Himself.

Those who reject the Creator not only have to believe that matter came into being without any cause; they also have to believe that life itself popped into existence without an adequate cause.

For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

Just a moment’s thought confirms this—something which had no beginning has no need of a cause.

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