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27-Nov-2017 13:01

"They saw the neighbors making money," the prosecutor told the .

"They suggested it to their parents." Even as these cases become harder to prosecute, the question remains of who exactly should be held to account when there is enough evidence to bring a case forward.

But the next step is to get internet providers involved, according to UNICEF.

As long as predators can hide their identities on the dark web and through other methods, they are able to hide their crimes.

But while some children are trying to get around the internet and TV controls their parents set up to prevent them from seeing mature or inappropriate content, others are forced to create that content.

What happens when parents are the bullies, the causers of harm, and the ones who threaten children’s safety?

What if, rather than blocking harmful content like pornography, parents force their children to produce it? That’s exactly what happened to 9-year-old Jennifer*, whose mother ran a webcam sex tourism business out of their home in the Philippines.

Two years ago, Jennifer and four other children (ages 7-10), were rescued from a home in Manila during a police raid - they were just about to put on a “show.”These “shows” are nothing like the cute plays most children privately put on in their backyards for their parents.

Many activists and law enforcement officials find themselves querying. These “shows” are live-streamed overseas to a paying customer, who can request sexual acts to be performed on or by the children - including sexual acts performed by the children on one another.