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"I think about it every day." One of the songs, "Dream Some", also appeared on the soundtrack of the film Bridget Jones's Diary.

Her 2001 follow-up album Love, Shelby was produced by Glen Ballard and featured a slicker, more pop-influenced sound. Lynne took a more low-key approach on her next effort.

Lynne placed several songs on the country charts during this period, but none managed to break into the top 20.

Critics generally regarded her as a promising talent, and she won the ACM's Top New Female Vocalist in 1990.

In a review for Entertainment Weekly, Marc Weingarten wrote that the album "is a stark reminder of Lynne's empathetic skill as an interpreter".

The sparse production and extremely well recorded nature of the album, combined with its song selection have made this album a favorite audiophile "demo" recording and as a result the album has recently been reissued on audiophile-grade 200g vinyl as well as SACD.

Identity Crisis was self-produced, recorded largely in her home studio and with few additional musicians.

Many of the 12 tracks focused on dark themes, but there were also lighter songs such as "One With the Sun" (inspired by a conversation she had with Willie Nelson).

Just A Little Lovin' became the highest charting album of Lynne's career, reaching number 41 on the Billboard 200.

Shelby Lynne was born in Quantico, Virginia and raised in Mobile, Alabama where she attended Theodore High School. Lynne's father was a heavy drinker who abused his wife.

In 1985, her mother fled with the two girls to nearby Mobile, but her father soon discovered their whereabouts.

Since then she has started her own independent record label, called Everso Records, and released three albums: Tears, Lies and Alibis, Merry Christmas, and Revelation Road.

Lynne is also known for her distinctive contralto voice.In 1986, in front of 17-year-old Lynne and her younger sister, Allison, he shot his wife to death before taking his own life.