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Sprung takes place in a ski resort, and you're given the choice to play as one of two characters: Brett, the hip but innocently dopey dude looking to hook up with his longtime friend; or Becky, the sexy girl who's looking to get over a recent bad break-up (and she just happens to be the friend that Brett's pursuing).The game is organized into multiple chapters, each with a specific goal to accomplish before moving on. The DS's dual screens are put to use by showing your character on the bottom screen, with the person that you're talking to on the top. Submit your cheats for Sprung using our cheats submission form and we'll post it up in a cheats page for this title!Sprung touted a script involving the work of Colleen Mc Guinness, who wrote an episode and served as story editor for other episodes of the FOX television series North Shore.There are a scant amount of "mini-games" for you to contend with, though these really manifest themselves in the form of memory challenges within the dialogue text itself (as opposed to being full-on, separate mini-games).The Nintendo DS is a gaming innovation and thus you're going to see things you don't see on other platforms.It also seeked to build an identity as a title for a slightly more mature audience than expected for the then-fledgling Nintendo DS (Sprung was released within weeks of the system launch), dealing with mildly raunchy dating subject matter--though there is no truly explicit or gratuitous sexuality.

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Miley Stewart is a teenage girl who lives a secret double life.With all that being said, if you aren’t sure a dating simulation type of game is your thing, you’d be better of renting this than buying it.